Equine Pack

Equine Pack
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Package contents

1 Acu-light - 3 LED 660nm bulbs
1 USB flash drive loaded with Equine Charts  -  182 pages
2 AAA Batteries

64 Acupoint Equine Ailments Charts

Easy to understand written and photographic point location guides on USB
Use your Acu-light directly on swelling and wounds to promote healing.
182 pages

Acu-light with this product
each light has 3 red 660nm LED bulbs with a massage head

Included Charts


  Essential Points Wobbler Syndrome Reproductive Disorders
  Bleeding Head Disorders Retained Placenta
  Colic Face Conditions Increase lactation
  Convulsions Facial Paralysis Cryptorchid
  Emergency /Shock Eye Conditions
  First Aid Ear Disorders
  Calming/Sedation Mouth Disorders
  Abdominal Pain Throat Disorders
  Allergies Neck Disorders
  Appetite Stimulation Chest Disorders
  Arthritis Shoulder Disorders
  Blood Disorders Back Disorders
  Cough Loin Disorders
  Edema Ringbone and Sidebone
  Fever Stifle Disorders
  Heat or Sun Stroke Tendon Disorders
  Immunostimulation Elbow Disorders
  Laminitis or Founder Fetlock Disorders
  Lethargy or Fatigue Hoof Disorders
  Muscle Disorders Forelimb Disorders
  Myositis Knee Disorders
  Navicular Disease Hindlimb Disorders
  Pain Relief Hip Disorders
  Paralysis Pelvis Disorders
  Respiratory Disorders Hock Disorders
  Skin Disorders Gastrointestinal Disorders
  Sciatica Uterine Disorders
  Excessive Sweating Brain Disorders
  Swelling Heart Disorders
  Tetanus Liver Disorders


Light 3 LED Red 660nm
Battery 2 AAA batteries (supplied)
Charts For Horses - can also be used for pigs, alpaca and other large animals
Number of Charts 64 Charts - 182 pages
Chart Format PDF on USB Flash Drive Can be saved onto Iphone or other mobile devise

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